First & Second years

Finish on a High

Get everything you wanted to get done this year before the end of term. Once exam season is over don’t rush home, if your accommodation or lease allows it, stay another week and celebrate the end of exams by going out to eat or drink at all the new places you kept promising yourself you’d go to. If you’re living with housemates, make the most of it. Have a house party, do a final big family meal. Just have a great time!

Make Plans

Just because uni is over for the summer doesn’t mean you are! Make plans to go on holiday with the gang. Cheap flights within Europe are easy to get and if you’re looking to venture further out, flight agencies such as STA travel offer great discounts for students and under 25s.

Get a Job

Yes, I know the thought of getting a job during your summer break sounds hellish. After all, you’ve been working all year? Thought you were broke as a uni student? Now, you have nothing but free time and no student loan. Unless your parents are willing to give in to your every demand, getting a job might be the only way to survive the summer. Check out getting a summer internship with a company that really inspires you. Or if you want something with less commitment, get part time work or try going to any local shops or cafes near you and see if they need any part-time staff. Early morning starts are no fun during your summer break but having no money to go out is even worse.

Do the Summer Work

The likelihood of you completing all your summer work? Slim to none. So, maybe set the goal of at least getting organised for the new term. Even if it’s just buying all your books in advance and take a glance at the topics so you have an idea of what is coming up rather than being shocked on your first day of class.

Final Year


It’s okay to have a little panic, it is your final year after all. Just make sure to pick yourself up and shake off the post-Netflix binge depression. It’s fine to feel anxious about what’s next, but also remember that everyone is going through it with you!!

Get a Job/Sort Your Future Out

Update your CV and LinkedIn before you finish your final year and start sending them out before you have finished your course to see if you can get a few interviews lined up. Finding a job is not always as quick and easy as you might think, so starting early whilst you’re still at uni may help in the long run.

Book a Break Away

This will be the last time you have an extended break in your working life. Make the most of it. You’re a little bit older, wiser and smarter than the 18 year old you that entered university. So go out and do something cool. Visit somewhere that you’ll look back on and will make you smile!

Get Your Deposit Back

The last thing you want to be doing when finishing uni is arguing with the landlord for your deposit. Make sure you know when you contract is up so you have time to leave your house clean and fix anything that needs mending so you can receive your money back in full. Your deposit could easily be the price of an all-inclusive holiday – don’t be lazy and waste it!


We all hate packing. But seeing as you most likely have to leave your house, this is a great opportunity to get rid of all the things you don’t need, wear or use. It’s also a great opportunity to have a bbq or bonfire of all the uni study notes you will (hopefully) never have to look at again.

Get Your Degree

Sounds silly but have you actually handed in all the right paperwork to receive your degree or have you just been celebrating the end of exams? Make sure all administration forms have been handed in so you don’t miss out your chance on being handed your official degree.

Don’t Stress

Yes, it’s now time to be an adult and get a job. But. you’re still young and able to direct your future. You have a degree and apart from being in debt, have no baggage. You are in control of your future and able to pick your own path. Embrace that freedom.

Have No Regrets

University can be the most enjoyable period of your life so make sure to do all you bucket list options. Visit the cafe on the corner that was always too expensive to go to. Take that university trip.

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