Do you ever think; what is my water bill, how was my water bill calculated, why is may water bill so high? Well, don’t worry so does everyone.

Water bills are incredibly boring, but we all have to deal with them. This is why Huru has worked hard to know everything there is to know about water bills, and develop our own systems to make the management and payment of water bills as easy as possible for you.

Here are a few things you need to know:


How Do Water Companies Do Billing?

Your water company will decide how to bill your house depending on several factors, such as; if it is metered or unmetered, what the billable rate is, whether there is a related standing charge or not, if it is on a monthly, quarterly, or 6-monthly billing cycle, and whether or not a payment schedule has been set up for that account.

It is also important to note, that water companies will bill you from the period that you started being liable for your bills. This means that if you own the property it is from the time you completed, and if you are renting your property, it is from the start of your tenancy.

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How Do Water Companies Calculate My Bill?

METERED – If your home is a metered property, then (normally) your water company will calculate your bill on a monthly or quarterly or 6-monthly basis (depending on who your water company is and when your start date in the property is). This means that they will send you a bill when they take a meter reading, and will charge you their calculated usage for the period you are liable for that properties usage.

Your water company will calculate your metered bill, by recording your usage and applying your standing charge and volumetric charge. The standing charge is a fee that reflects the fixed costs in the provision and maintenance of the water supply system to your property. Therefore, even if you do not use any water you may still need to pay for the standing charge. Depending on when you get your bill in the billing cycle, you may have to pay the standing charge in advance or in arrears. The volumetric charge is calculated by multiplying the volume of water supplied, determined by the meter reading, by the relevant rate per cubic meter for your household.

See more info on metered bills here from Ofwat


UMETERED – If your home is an umetered property, then your water company will charge you based on a standing charge and billable rate. The fixed (‘standing)’) charge, covers things like billing and customer service, while the rateable value was a local authority assessment of the annual rental value of an individual property last carried out in 1973 and 1990. This means that if your property was built since 1990, it should have a water meter installed.

Seem more info on unmetered bills here from Ofwat

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Can I Save Money By Being Metered?

If your property does not have a meter, then you may be able to save money by switching to a meter. We would recommend that you contact your water company to get their advice, and we would be happy to help you to do this if you would like.

Here is a very useful tool from The Customer Council for Water to calculate your meter bills.

If your water company cannot install a meter, then you may benefit from an assessed charge, which you can request from your water company.


How Does Huru Manage Your Water Bills?

We know that people like you want straightforward billing. Therefore, we will work with your water company to understand how they are billing your property and set you up on a straightforward monthly payment schedule. This means that we do the hard work of working out how the water company is going to bill you, and break this down in to monthly payments for you. So you don’t need to worry about any unexpected or sudden expensive bills.


How Can Huru Help With Your Water Bills?

Huru can make your life easier by helping to break down your water payments in to easy monthly payments. Water companies may send you bills at infrequent periods, which can be difficult to pay upfront. While you will often have the opportunity to set payment schedules with your water company after receiving a bill, Huru break down your water bills into monthly instalments immediately. So, this makes budgeting a lot easier, for you.

Huru makes life easy by checking that you are being billed for the correct period. Understandably water companies can have a difficult time knowing when you took responsibility for the bills at your home. Therefore, by letting us know when your tenancy began, or when you completed the purchase of your property, Huru is able make sure that water companies are billing you correctly.

Huru makes life easy by informing your water company when you are no longer responsible for bills at your property. The last thing you want is to keep getting water bills for a property you aren’t living in anymore, and then have to contact the water company to try and sort it out (especially if you are having to do the same thing with energy and internet companies as well). So, Huru does this for you. When you let us know you are moving out of a property, we will contact all your relevant suppliers for you.

Finally, Huru makes paying bills easy because we can consolidate all your bills together and break them down in to easy monthly instalments. This means, that you can easily track what your services are costing, what you are paying, and you don’t need to worry about getting any unexpected bills or sudden worries about late payment letters. Huru will manage the entire process for you, for all your suppliers, and at no extra cost for those services.

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