Ah procrastination…! We’re all guilty of it. Leaving things that need to get done right to the last minute and then we’re like AAAAAARRRRGH WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME? Classic. As we’ve been around for about a year now, we’ve become familiar with some of our customers’ typical consequences of procrastination:

  1. ‘My house mates didn’t set up their direct debits in time…’

Yep – this happens a lot. You set up your HURU account and expected your house mates to set up their direct debits in time for the first house bill, but they didn’t even check their emails for the sign-up link from HURU. We know it’s sometimes tricky getting your house mates to do things within a time frame, especially during the holidays, but if they don’t set up their direct debits at least 3 days before you’re sent your first monthly bill, then it’s impossible for us to split your utilities costs correctly between all of you. Some things you could do to remind them  – WhatsApp them every day until they do it, send them a recurring reminder in the format of a calendar invite. We also recommend getting in touch with us to check whether your house mates have signed up or not, before you get that first monthly bill from HURU.

  1. ‘Why can’t I sign up for HURU to take over my bills from today?’

It takes us at least 20 working days to set up all your household utilities so that we can bill you accurately. So if you’ve put off setting up your HURU account and left it until your move-in date or after, then unfortunately we aren’t able to take over your bills until at least 2 weeks after you sign up. This means you’ll have to pay the previous suppliers of energy and water directly before HURU takes over. It’s just messier and more time-consuming to figure out, especially if you have to split the bills between house mates.

  1. ‘I want to sign up to HURU but I haven’t paid any bills since I moved in, and that was a while ago…’

This is an interesting one… HURU can set you up with an account to pay you future bills, but in order for us to set up your account properly you’ll have to make sure any outstanding bills that you owe for that property are paid. The ideal scenario is that there are no outstanding bills for that property, or the bills pertain to the previous tenants because you just moved in. Specifically for energy, you have to make sure that the electricity and gas bills are paid to date in order switch energy supplier – this is a standard measure for energy.

One thing to be aware of, as we chatted with one potential customer last week, is just because you don’t look at the bills, or open them (and stuff them into a shoebox), doesn’t mean they’ll go away… wishful thinking!

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