Just when you thought the hard work was over and you could sleep in until 2pm. Some of us decided to get a summer job…


So, the weather decides to be delightful all during the week when you’re stuck in an office yet the second it’s the weekend it’s back to cloudy and rainy days. The BBQ plans you made mid-week now either need to be canceled or require you standing outside with an umbrella.

Movie/Series Marathons

The binge-watching marathons you promised yourself when you were studying in peak exam season are no longer an option if you want to a decent night’s sleep or even want to function like a human tomorrow. But, just.one.more.episode…

Waking Up Early

So even if you don’t binge an entire season the night before, chances are it’s still hell waking up early the next day. You promised you would lay out your clothes and pack your lunch the night before but couldn’t be bothered and now you’re paying the price when rushing to get to work on time.


Now, suddenly you’re able to buy rounds when at the bar and even though you promised you would save some money for those poor days at uni, you’re at the bar handing over your card.


Don’t worry, this job won’t be forever, it’s only temporary! Now you have an excuse to leave the house and not be hounded by your parents to do all the chores because you’ve been home all day. Plus it doesn’t hurt to get some experience down on that almost empty CV!

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