If you’re a renter, don’t let pesky landlords make you think you aren’t allowed to decide for yourself which utilities suppliers you can use. According to OFGEM, there’s been a surge in people switching energy supplier, up 30% in Jan-May 2017. Still, most renters in the UK say they’ve never switched energy supplier, and one in five is not aware of their right to switch – good news for energy companies, who are able to switch existing customers onto their standard variable rate when their original contracts end, but not so great for renters. Being smart about choosing the best energy supplier for you could save you up to £200 a year!

All renters that pay their own bills directly to suppliers have the right to choose which utilities suppliers they want to use. If you’re not sure whether you’re paying your bills directly yet, you should check your tenancy agreement.

Even if your landlord has a ‘preferred’ energy supplier, you still have the right to decide, but you may need to tell your landlord that you’ll be switching – there’s a small chance that you may need to switch back to the original supplier at the end of your tenancy. Don’t let this hold you back though, as you could save £100s by switching to a better value supplier that offers good rates.

In the other scenario, if your landlord pays your gas and electricity and then charges you (usually this is ‘bills inclusive’) you don’t have the right to switch. In this case you have less control over the bills, but you should still be paying for your usage rather than a flat fee. Typically, landlords charge a flat monthly fee but then recompense you for under-usage at the end of the tenancy – make sure you follow up on this as you could lose out on money you’re owed if you forget.

The benefit of using HURU to manage your energy bills, is that you will be charged for your energy usage and HURU doesn’t withhold any funds you’re owed, so if you are over-charged, your account will be credited on an monthly basis rather than waiting until the end of your tenancy – we think this is a fairer way of working! The other great benefit of HURU is that our new energy tariff offers a great Fixed energy rate for 16 months so you don’t need to worry about switching. And when this tariff ends HURU will always ensure you’re switched over to our best available tariff as we promise to negotiate the cheapest rates for our customers on an ongoing basis.

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