This week we bring to you an insight into life at Sheffield Uni. Thanks to Elliott for sharing his experience!


Well, if you haven’t had the North/South debate yet with your room-mates, you haven’t quite reached the peak of intellectual stimulation…

Anyways, whilst the answer to the old adage is ever-changing, Sheffield itself is based on 7 hills and is richly connected to many national parks. In fact, the Peak District has recently received UNESCO World Heritage Status!!! So whack your flyknits on chuck on your hiking gear and take to the hilly delights the city provides. If the greenery nor the views take your breath away, then the exercise will.

Sheffield is renowned and infamous for the following reasons: being the focus point of the Northern Powerhouse project, Nick Clegg, Steel, University and a chippy run by Sean Bean’s brother… Mmmm-ental!! (The food is notoriously tasty too, not only when inebriated…)

Regardless of your interests, Sheffield caters for you. It is understandable why Sheffield is rated number 1 for student experience.

Peace Gardens

A brisk research on Wikipedia will provide you a background that the Gardens were first laid out in 1938 and grew the nickname “Peace Gardens” in the aftermath of the Munich Agreement. It contains memory memorials to honour Sheffielders who had given their lives, remarkably, around the world in events such as the Korean War or the Hiroshima atomic bomb. Stooped in history, it is an important landmark in the City and when the sun shines, a delightful place to rendezvous and picnic on the grasses.

Arts Tower

For the architects I appeal to, the Arts Tower is an iconic sight in the University grounds. It has been described as the “most elegant university block in Britain of its period”, since its opening in 1965. It was officially opened by Queen Elizabeth in June of 1966. Even a quick hop onto the lift is quite simply mind-blowing (and by this, it requires real concentration to hop on and off of the lift, as and when you need to).

Further, if you have conquered your fear of heights at this point, it provides an unparalleled and spectacular view of the city.

Nightlife and Food

Where do we start?

1)    Naturally, the Student Union. We’ll split it into two: Pop Tarts and, or, TTC

Poppy Ts will leave you overwhelmed with absolute soppiness and an infatuation for everyone and anyone. Song after song after song of pure nostalgic delight. If you rocked your walk to school fighting back the Spice Girl sass or fancied yourself as a JT prodigy in bringing sexy back, this night is a feel good one. It is always in high demand.

TTC is The Tuesday club. Indeed, the Club does go up on a Tuesday (thanks Drake). It has attracted the country’s finest DJ’s and quite honestly, the TTC gets it right more often than not. A more esteemed DJ will demand a little more of your Student Finance, but suffice to say, it’s wicked. A highlight has to be Hannah Wants, she left me wanting more – fair play.

2)    Beyond the Union – a host of nightclubs provided by the City are available. For this reason, it may be the best night out in the country… or if you are lost, ask for directions to West Street!

One worth mentioning, the Harley. Not only a specialist burger serving wonder during the day, but for your Fresh Prince (of Bel Air, of course) inspired 90s night, by night. This is a more niche events with more infrequent nights, but when they arrive, they are the talk of the town and you are encouraged to get your groove on.


West Street Live

Oh. YES.

We are talking free entry, we are talking live music and we are talking the barmiest selection of drinks ever encountered for quite literally pennies…

Here are some for you to get your head around:

Coco Milk “Tastes just like Coco-pops milk” – double: £2

Labour Liquer “for the many not the few” – £2

Schit Bomb – your wannabe Jaeger – guess the price

Chuck Norris shot – no idea?! – go on, guess the price

£4 bottle of wine – price provided

Upshot – guaranteed fun (and a sore head), every night.

Bar One

Your best of both – it’s a precursor to a union night, or your casual catch up with course mates for some top quality food. Well, that is certainly what you can enjoy, unless it is rammed to the rafters with lay people and political enthusiasts on election night – eyewitnesses still are yet to recover from ‘OH JEREMY CORBYN’ chants in May!!! Nevertheless, there is only one Bar One……. and a BNOC haven.


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