Are bills-splitting companies just middlemen trying to rip you off? That’s certainly not HURU’s intention, but it is a question that some sceptics raise and we’d like to address this openly. If you’re a single person household, or perhaps a couple, it may be preferable to choose to manage your bills by yourself – compare prices on energy aggregators and broadband aggregators, call up suppliers and set each utility up yourself, provide deposits and figure out how to lower your costs as the bills come through. And if you choose the lowest rates listed, it’s probable that you will find cheaper prices than through a bills management company – HURU is not pretending to be the cheapest outside of bills management.

Our intention is to make customers’ lives easier with our single monthly emailed bill broken down by utility and split equally between house mates. Our customer service team with direct supplier relationships is also able to troubleshoot any bills issues that come up for customers as quickly as possible, taking the confusion and hassle out of understanding your bills. And we are always trying to negotiate the most affordable supplier rates for our customers, which is why we have an exclusive fixed energy rate available until Oct 2018. We hope we can make the sceptics think again about how we can help people manage their homes more easily:

  1. Save Time

These days we seem to be busier than ever – it’s hard to fit everything in – work, sleep, fitness, family, social life, in fact they say the you can only really pick three! This is why HURU exists – why spend hours on price comparison websites, on the phone to energy, water and broadband providers, on email trails with house mates each month figuring out who owes what, when you could use HURU and let us pay your bills for you and simply call us up if you have any questions or need help. Simplicity is one of our highest goals.

  1. Avoid Arguments

Personal finance is one of the top household arguments for both families and student houses. And paying the bills has way more repercussions than who gets the biggest room, and kitchen mess (unless of course you spawn e-coli in your kitchen sink – another level gross!). House meetings about who owes what are boring and often a waste of time, and frequently cause more confusion than solution. Just don’t bother with them any more – sign up to HURU and hopefully you’ll all be calmer as you won’t have to rely on each other to figure out the bills. Rely on our team instead!

  1. Not a Rip Off

To have your bills managed by HURU costs £2 per person per month. HURU doesn’t take a deposit, there are no hidden fees and there’s no cancellation fee. HURU’s intention is to be fully transparent about our costs and about your bills. Our service charge is purely for managing your bills, splitting them between housemates and ensuring we’re available to troubleshoot any issues arising with your bills. In addition to this, our exclusive energy partnership offers a long-term value fixed energy rate, which means our pricing should be very competitive compared to other bills management companies. We always like to hear if you can get a cheaper deal at our competitors so call up and let us know.

  1. Never Miss Payments

With HURU you’ll never miss any payments and so never go in the red, which means your credit score won’t be negatively impacted. A late payment or non-payment can affect anyone’s credit score and this is something few people realise – credit scores are important for opening bank accounts, getting credit cards and loans and starting new residential tenancies, so you want to avoid all kinds of late payments.

If you still aren’t convinced, give us a call at the office – we love a friendly debate 😊

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