The time of year is approaching when it’s time to leave your accommodation, which can be difficult when you’re mixing socialising with exams and packing.

Start moving home in stages

Try to prepare in advance by moving home in stages in the final weeks/months of uni. If you go home regularly, fill your suitcase with items you no longer use. For example, take home last semester’s books or winter clothing. If you’ve left it a bit late, focus on packing in advance rather than the night before or day of leaving your accommodation. Packing can be stressful and you don’t want to throw something important away in haste to finish quicker.

Storage boxes

To get storage boxes quickly go to shops like Ikea and Argos. Although this can be expensive so if you have time, try going to your local supermarkets and find out when they’re deliveries come in so they can give you their cardboard boxes. They’re normally quite clean and perfect if you’re using them to transport your belongings rather than for storage.

Smart packing

Remember that you have to carry these boxes and also unpack them. Try not to shove everything in one box where you know you won’t be able to find anything or they’ll be too heavy to lift. Use this opportunity to throw away any old papers or clothes you no longer need or use. It’s best to organise it all before you move out rather than going home with boxes you’ll never be bothered to sort through.

Recycle, donate, reuse

Donate any unwanted belongings by either taking them to your local charity shops or depositing in charity bins. Separate your things into boxes for donations in one box, recycling and e-waste in another. Remember that not all items can be donated, those that are broken are ruined belong in the bin.

Put your belongings in storage

If you don’t have the luxury of living close to home and the thought of taking everything home to just bring it back in a few months. This is a great option for international students but also domestic students that live far away from home.

Mail Redirection & Bills

Royal Mail offers a redirection service to your new address here. It’s worth leaving a forwarding address with your landlord just in case. Some bills need a 30 day notice to cancel so make you sure you cancel in time or you may be paying extra for services you’re no longer using. Any shared bank accounts may need to stay open until the last bill is paid so it’s best to cancel them as soon as you can. At Huru, we make switching contracts super easy. Just give us a quick call and we’ll change your contract and have it set up for you in your new home when it’s time for you to move in.


You are expected to leave your university accommodation or house in a clean condition. Whilst this can be a pain, once everything has been packed up, it’s much easier to give a good clean. If you divide and share the cleaning with housemates than it can be a lot quicker and easier than you thought. Failing to do this means your landlord can keep part or all of your deposit. This tends to be the main reason for not returning deposits so make sure you’re not one of them, especially when it’s so easy to avoid. Check the inventory list you were given at the start of the year. You may be missing a few glasses or cutlery from house parties that go out of control. It may be cheaper to replace these rather than your landlord charge you for them.

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