This week we’ve decided to give you an insight into university life at Leeds as seen through Alex Segall!

The University of Leeds (otherwise known as University of the Year 2017)
It may only be the number 2 in the UK for nightlife but there is more to the Uni experience than 90p vodka shots…right?

Leeds eats
Your stock is running low of pasta and all you have at the back of the shelf is some greying couscous for a recipe you read on the Internet.
It’s maybe student loan day or you are nursing a bad hangover but you’re craving something greasy, cheap and Instagram friendly.

So LS6 it is.
Make sure to get a table at Hyde Park’s famous clock cafe serving both veggie and regular wallet friendly brunches.
Avocado-check. Poached eggs-check. The perfect picture-checkmate.

Fancying paying homage to the North a little more?

Get yourself down to one of Leeds many Wetherspoon’s for their fluorescent cocktails-these also help to wash down the taste of their curry night.

Those students willing to pay the extra £1 to journey to town are rewarded with Trinity’s food court and the surrounding foodie friendly streets, with many of the branches having student discounts.

Guilt free fine dining it is then at Bar Burrito.


Canal Mills
You would have seen the photos. You would know the big names that play here. You would have heard horror stories about the toilets.

When students on Leeds descend on Canal Mills it’s a feverish hedonistic pit of red stripe, rolled cigarettes and vintage windbreakers. Allow your stick on gem covered self to experience true Leeds student nightlife.
It’s grimy, it’s sweaty. It’s unbeatable.

I don’t know if it says more about me or about this club night that I have celebrated turning both 19 and 20 in the queue leading down into the Unions basement.

Fruity sells out almost every week.
For a Union event it’s a safe, Justin Bieber playing, absolute star of a night and once you have gone once you will be going every week until your long awaited graduation.

Wanna bust some questionable moves without being judged? Fruity.
Bad at making plans but you’re keen to see all your mates in one club? Fruity

Trust me, it’s never not a good idea.

Weekend plans
It’s reading week, but your exams are not until June so why not use this time to be productive, you say to yourself, and really get to know Leeds in the spaces between sleeping and takeaways.

Ilkley Moor
Consider yourself a bit of a Bear Grylls or just craving some fresh Yorkshire air, pull on those boots and take a gentle hike up Ilkley Moors.

Just be careful when bringing one of your Geography pals with, they might over combust with excitement identifying all the different heather species. You have been warned.

Hidden Cafe
Maybe you have some coursework due in but the thought of hitting up Eddy B without all your winter thermals is unbearable. You just want a cosy, nearby sort of working environment.

If by working environment you mean opening your laptop onto Google Scholar whilst munching down on a handmade rocky road brownie and slurping some green tea then snuggle down into Hidden Cafe in the Union.
Here you can join all the other Leeds students half pretending to work, but mostly eating cake and gossiping.


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