So, you are no longer a carefree Fresher and graduation is edging nearer. Here are some top tips to help you make the most out of second year.

Less partying, more chilling. 
Living with your pals in a new house instead of in student halls means partying is no longer a priority event every night. Spend less time partying and getting hungover, so you can actually attend your 9ams. To be honest you won’t be missing out on a lot as partying has gotten a bit repetitive, and this year’s clubs will be over-populated by over-excited freshers.

Attend your lectures and seminars.
So during first year your attendance might have been below the 50% boundary, but with second year actually counting towards your degree – it’s time to up that number. Do your readings, but share the workload out with trusted friends and create a google doc to share notes. This will make things a lot easier and quicker, so you don’t lose too much sleep on reading. Make use of reading week. It’s normal to want to pop home or to have a quick city break to Warsaw (it makes sense when return flights are £30), but spend that time catching up on the lectures you’ve missed or readings you didn’t quite finish. It will pay off in the long run!

Embrace the library.
Forget the golden gates that usher you in after a night out. The library, I promise you, will become the hangout spot of choice. Don’t have a lecture until 3pm? This usually meant sleeping in until this time, but make a habit of getting up at a certain time and go into university early anyways. Grab lunch and head on over to the library to get a couple of hours of work done. For second year most people will be putting their heads down and hustling for that degree. It might be quite alien at first, but soon you’ll get into the swing of things.

Get your house sorted early.
Okay so getting a new house is stressful, but what is more stressful is when late September hits and you’re still homeless. Start your house hunt now to find the best deals in price and location. Do not sign the first and only house you see (unless it is literally golden), shop around. And finally when your house is all signed, don’t forget to sort out all your bills before you move in. Going two weeks without wifi is not ideal. So, try out Huru. With a quick sign up you can get a quote in minutes. Huru will help you tick wifi, gas, electricity, water, and TV license off of your list of things to do, and save you the hassle.

Planning ahead.
It is still early days, but it doesn’t hurt to think about your future after graduation. You will be so busy with your dissertation during final year, that future you will be thanking you for the prep you put in now. No idea what to do? Look to your careers service at uni for advice and go from there. For some, you might want to look into doing further study, just to prolong your student experience. Others I would advise in getting involved with as much extra-curricular as possible whilst you still have time, and try nab a position of responsibility just to flesh out your CV. You might also was to start looking for work experiences and internships. For a lot of summer vacation placements many applications open in late September, so for those wanting to get involved with finance, law, consulting, even Google, get researching now. Attend career fairs and networking events, a quick search and you’ll find a host of events at your university and outside.

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