Water bills can be confusing and annoying. That’s why Huru will set up and manage your water bills for you, at no extra cost.

We understand that bills from water companies can be frustrating because; they rarely come at regular predictable times, they are difficult to estimate and they are difficult to budget for. This is why we at Huru have worked incredibly hard to develop the best way to estimate and manage our customers water bills for them. This means that we are able to, as accurately as possible, estimate water bills for our customers and break those down in to much more manageable monthly payments.

This means that as a Huru customer you will be paying a small sum each month towards your water bill, rather than having to suddenly pay a large upfront cost when a water bills comes through.

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In the case of a metered property we collect at the average usage rate of a house of that size (number of tenants etc) which we can calculate for any property in the UK. We will therefore make an estimate based on this average, of what your water bill is going to be and start collecting that amount in small monthly installments. As and when a meter reading is taken by or provided to your water supplier, we will subsequently receive your bill and pay that for you. If there are any funds outstanding that we collected, we will refund these to you where we have enough to cover the usage period + 1 month. This 1 month buffer is there by default and is common practice to make sure that any subsequent bills from suppliers can be paid on your behalf straight away.

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So don’t get caught out by water bills in the future.

Sign up to Huru, and have those bills managed for you – all at no extra cost. We will liaise with your water company, set up your account, calculate your estimate, break it down in to manageable monthly instalments and always make sure your bills are paid on time.


If you have any questions, thoughts or ideas then please feel free to get in touch with us directly on support@gethuru.com. We love to hear from customers and so please do let us know what we can do for you!!


Finally, don’t fear your water bills – sign up to Huru and be more like this guy spending more time doing what you love!!


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