The rise of generation rent is a growing force in the UK, with half of all under 40 year olds expected to live in rented accommodation by 2025. Renting your home can be great, however inevitably living with others in a rented home and splitting bills between you can cause problems. Unfortunately, traditional utility companies are not moving fast enough to cater to these changing customer needs.

However, services like Huru are. They use technology to solve problems for customers, empowering them to have control over their bills, and greater flexibility over how they make their payments. By providing a service that automatically receives, calculates and splits bills for customers, Huru is able to help customers; set up accounts quickly, have complete oversight over what their bills are, and offer the easiest way to pay shared bills.

This is allowing customers who live in shared and rented homes to consume utility services in a radically more empowered way. Housemates don’t need to rely on each other to set up and manage utility services such as water, gas & electricity or internet, anymore. And never again do housemates need to have awkward conversations about paying each other back every month.

Huru is able to truly understand and appreciate the needs of customers living in rented accommodation, and leverage it’s technology to provide them with a way to buy utility services that actually matches the way they consume them. This is particularly important for customers who may have managed utility bills before, or had the time to research/switch utility providers. Using services like Huru, allows those customers to have easy oversight of their services and peace of mind that an independent service is keeping an eye on their bills for them. The ability to combine advanced technology with excellent service enables Huru to put the customer first, and deliver the easiest way to set up and manage household utility bills.

As the number of people living in shared and rented homes in the UK rises, services like Huru are well placed to support their needs and help utility companies deliver their products. The traditional model of selling siloed utility services to single payer occupied homes is no longer fit for the 21st century. By being able to recognise each individual customers living situation and needs, Huru is well placed to deliver a service that truly solves the customers problems and delivers an outstanding service.

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