The infamous Clement Banjo, aka ‘Clem-dawg’ interned with us over the summer and has now gone back to uni up in the Scottish Highlands. He’s studying politics and philosophy at the University of Stirling, which is a good 5 hour train ride plus a bus ride from his home town, London. Clement gave us some feedback on his internship with us, and some insights into what life is like for him as a city boy turned highland warrior!


So Clement, how’s being back up at Stirling this term?

It’s been proper good so far this year. The work load has been hectic – but it’s third year and I did expect that! I have still been out and about as usual but I’m starting to actually get my head down and crack on with applying for future internships and jobs.


You seem like a real boy about town in London – you really love your home town. But what are your favourite differences between living in London and living in Stirling?

Haha, yes, I really do love my city! – it gave my accent and banter which makes me. The main differences between London and Stirling would be nights out. Nights out in London are exciting as you never know what will happen and can go from being in one part of the capital to another quite conveniently. Stirling however is much quieter and more of a ‘family town’. Everyone knows everyone and nights out feel like a youth club rather than an actual night out. Also, the food in London is 100,000 times better. I really eat unhealthily and love a classic chicken and chips but in Scotland there’s only one shop in Falkirk. Plus everything closes at 10pm which can be inconvenient when you need a quick meal.


What’s the craziest thing you’ve experienced in Scotland so far?

Haggis Fritters. I mean haggis is scary enough but imagine a haggis fritter! (Side note: They are actually decent, I’d recommend!) Also, the fact that you can’t get alcohol past 10pm. I remember going into Nisa Local during first year to get alcohol for pre-drinks at 10 and being turned away! Imagine pre-drinks without any alcohol! I was legitimately go- smacked but I’ve gotten used to it now haha.


Moving onto your internship at HURU – what did you enjoy about interning with us?

The family aspect of the office. We all gelled quite quickly and you all became my second family. That is what made work enjoyable for me as there was never any awkwardness and we all got to know a lot about each other.  I also, introduced my passion for Nandos and banter to the office, while HURU taught me how to understand the logistics behind a business and also how to improve myself! If I could rate the experience out of 10 it be a solid 9.5 and that’s only because of the early morning commute from home! (Only Joking it’s a 10 Guys)


You were a bit of a networker when you were working for us at our offices in WeWork Moorgate – what do you feel that you got out of the whole experience?

The main thing I got out of the experience would be the ability to actually network efficiently. It has allowed me to interact with many individuals from different walks of life and gain good life skills such as communication which will be essential for the future. I also learnt that there are a range of businesses all within the same building which is quite cool e.g. on the same floor you might have a fintech and a company selling baths.


Any tips that you can offer fellow students on how to get an internship at a start-up?

The main tip would be to apply early! The earlier you get it sorted the more you will be able to gain from it. Also, I’d advise that anyone going into an internship is ready for the hard work it actually entails. It won’t be easy but it’ll be worth it and if you do want something easy, McDonald’s are always hiring!


And finally – what’s your ultimate goal in life? Where do you see yourself in 10 years time? (sorry that’s a big one!)

My ultimate goal in life is to make my mum proud. As long as she is happy and settled then I will be too. Also, I would love to live in the Mews with Tom and Everyone at HURU living near me – imagine the flat parties guys. Finally, I would love to get into the financial sector working for a good company and earning a decent amount with a decent car like an Audi. We’ll see though!

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