1) 9 am Lectures Are Becoming A LOT More Painful

Early starts were never exactly your favorite, but the snooze button is getting much more tempting each week. If you’ve ever stayed up till 5 am binge watching Game of Thrones (for the 100th time), then you definitely know this feeling. Resisting the temptation to bury yourself in the duvet may actually be impossible, and stopping yourself from falling asleep on the bus into school definitely is!!





2) The Work Is Pilling Up Higher Than Your Student Debt

No matter how long you spend in the library, the work just keeps on coming and speaking to Siri might be the closest thing you get to human contact during the day. We know the feeling, and don’t worry you’re not the only one setting records for levels of unsociability. That degree in 17th century Japanese cartoonography will be well worth it!!


3) The Inevitable Question of, How Much Coffee Is Too Much Coffee?

That feeling that you can’t even contemplate being a human being with that morning coffee. Or that mid-morning coffee, the study break coffee, the quick lunch time pick me up, the 5 min afternoon cappu catch up, the library latte line excuse to actually speak to someone and of course the pre-night out espresso shot warm up. In fact, you are increasingly able to tell the time by what coffee you are on in the day.




4) Getting Ready In The Morning Is A Thing Of The Past

Let’s be honest, at this point in the year you barely have enough energy to brush your teeth in the mornings, let alone getting that contour on point or even matching your socks. Let’s hope the new season’s look is Panda eye and hobo chic!!




5) You Are Confident You Will Survive!!

Despite all the overeating, crying, and spontaneously napping at the library desk, you know you’ll get through it all just fine. You’re going to go through and come out not just an expert in Netflix binging, but also a graduate student as well. So don’t panic, the summers nearly here, and with it will be endless hours of sun tanning and guilt free Towie splurging!

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