Is technology making our lives easier or making everything more complicated? On the one hand it’s easier to manage admin like grocery shopping, home repairs and food delivery at your fingertips, on the other hand, there’s so much choice available to us and we’re becoming so addicted to our smartphones that our decision-making is becoming irrational and our minds increasingly distracted. We spend way too much time getting distracted by our smartphones and we’re not even aware of it, or of the damage we’re doing to our brains and well-being – what we should be doing is balancing out this digital distraction with some worthwhile real-world experiences to calm our minds and keep our heads out of the digital rabbit hole. So how to we retain a sense of well-being and stop ourselves from getting lost in the world of instant notifications, messages, reminders, emails, tweets and stories vying for our attention? Here are some very simple and effective ways to save yourself from smart-phone and digital chaos:

Go for a walk

Leave your smartphone locked up in your desk drawer and go for a walk, without distractions. The benefits of a leisurely walk these days are underrated. Put your life to one side for a few minutes a day and live in the present moment. What can’t fresh air, appreciation of nature and exercise solve?


A simple daily 10 minute meditation has been proven to lower heart disease, high blood pressure, improve feelings of anxiety, depression, improve psoriasis, low fertility and insomnia. Wow. All it takes is a daily practice and your well-being can be easily improved. Being aware of your breath for just 10 minutes each day can have a significant impact on your life and your focus.

Be silent

If you live in a city it’s impossible to avoid the deluge of stimuli all around, from trains clattering to traffic roaring to kids crying and radios blaring. The World Health Organization calls noise pollution a ‘modern plague’ and as humans we need silence to relieve stress and tension and replenish our natural resources. Plus apparently silence can contribute to the regeneration of brain cells. So it you want to be your best self, get some quiet time.

Get bored

We are so busy, occupied and preoccupied these days that there’s barely a chance to be bored. Parents are forever protecting their kids from getting bored, by letting them watch endless youtube videos and on-demand TV even on simple train journeys. What’s wrong with being bored these days? Boredom is actually underrated. Research shows that contemplation and day-dreaming, aka. being bored , can stimulate creativity, relieve stress, improve your sleep and make you more emotionally stable. So let yourself get bored!

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