At HURU we receive quite a few calls from you guys, especially about your first bill, so we thought it might be helpful to debunk questions that have come up about this particular topic, as the first bill can be confusing.

1. Why is my bill higher than the original quote I pulled from the website?

Your first bill can be higher than you expect for several reasons:

  • One of your house mates hasn’t set up his/her direct debit yet. This is a fairly common problem – if one of your housemates hasn’t set up his account in time for the first bill, then we can only bill the house mates who are signed up with their bank details. This means that, for a 4-person house with only 3 house mates signed up, HURU can only bill those 3 house mates, so your portion of the bill will be higher than it should be. So please make sure your house mates have all signed up with their bank details! You can always call or email us to check the status of your house: / 0208 819 9176
  • Sometimes the energy portion of your bill will be higher than expected in your first monthly bill. This is because most energy companies like to make an extra charge in the first month. Don’t worry – in this instance every penny charged is going towards your bills. We guarantee that you won’t pay for any energy you haven’t used. When you finally move out and close your account, you will receive a credit for anything you haven’t used. What is important is that you take meter readings when you move in and when you move out, so that your bills are accurate and you cannot be over-charged.
  • You may not have noticed that your TV licence can only be split over the first 5 months – this is ruled by the TV Licence Agency. After 5 months you will no longer be making any payments towards your TV licence and your bills thereafter will be lower.

2. Why haven’t I been billed for broadband yet?

HURU can only bill you for your internet services when we receive bills from these suppliers. So it may be that you haven’t been charged for your first month’s broadband. However, these costs still stand from when your internet goes live so you will accrue that cost and see it on your next bill.

3. I’ve received my first bill but when will my account be debited?

HURU bills all customers via email on the first day of every month. Direct debits are taken within 3 working days after that. You will always receive an e-bill before payment is taken.

4. What do I do with bills direct from suppliers?

Do not pay them directly! HURU is making all payments on your behalf. However, your energy company will still send you communications via post for information only. Your water supplier may also contact you; if they do then please take a photo of that bill and send it to us via email: – we will tell them to stop spamming your letterbox 😊

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